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Kollektor D2-202
SHK Flex

for house, gardens and pool


Heating systems  
wood pellet heating, heat pumps,
hot water storage tanks, and more

Let yourself be convinced by the quality of our products Our Absorbers are in our Collectors too.

SET Solar Energie Technik GmbH develop and produce absorbers and collectors and market them, as well as all the components for complete solar heating systems, to consumers and users from industry, commerce, and the craft sector as well.

When it comes to energy efficiency and long service life, our collectors establish new industrial standards and are rated as top of their class by independent institutions. Since 2002 we have been working closely with a leading industrial design agency on new types of formats, which also set the pace for appearance and integration into architecture.

For the manufacture of the absorbers we make use exclusively of sheets with highly selective coatings from well-known manufacturers. The bond between the absorber tune and the sheet is created by means of a patented welding process. In theory, we can produce absorber strips in endless lengths, and that means we can also provide absorbers which are ideal for special applications such as large-scale collectors.