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Easy to maintain, tried and trusted a thousand times over

Copper absorber strips

The ELDOR® plasma welding process guarantees a connection which is particularly resistant to load change and high temperature, and can also tolerate extremely high standstill temperatures with no problem at all.

It’s our pleasure to make your individual wishes come true!

Alle Prognosen weisen auf einen weiteren Anstieg der Heizölpreise hin. Wer also in Sachen Heizöl Geld sparen möchte, für den ist die Zeit für einen Umstieg auf regenerative Energieträger günstiger den je.

Solar heating – already at this stage a market with a great future

The solar heating sector in Germany has developed hugely since the end of the ‘eighties, and since the turn of the century it has genuinely come to be seen as a mass market.

Space heating and hot water generation make up the main component of the energy consumption of a private household, at more than 85 %, and this is where solar heating really comes into its own, making a major contribution. Solar heating energy has the potential to cover 50% of our total heating requirement. This is a technology not restricted by finite and increasingly limited energy resources.

By 2007 there were already more than 22 million square metres of collector surfaces installed in Europe, corresponding to a power output of more than 15,370 MWth. And in 2007 alone, 1,918 MWth (2.5 million m²) was newly installed. The German market accounts for 41% related to Europe as a whole, although individual countries in southern Europe have a perceptibly higher proportion of annual insolation.

In 2008 and 2009, newly installed collector surfaces in Germany came to approximately 1.4 million square metres each year. Changes in funding guidelines did result in slight falls in sales, but the long-term growth dynamics are still regarded as very attractive.

Over the past few years there has been a shift among installed solar heating systems away from smaller designs exclusively for service water heating, typically with 4 to 6 m² collector surface area, towards larger arrangements for both service water heating and providing support for central heating systems in the transition months. In most cases, these systems have a surface area of 10 to 14 m², and from the point of view of control technology are optimally integrated into the conventional heating system in such a way that fully-automatic system control is guaranteed with a high degree of efficiency and enormous reductions in CO².

The proportion of flat plate collectors is 75% against a proportion of evacuated tube collectors at 15% and swimming pool absorbers at 10%.




We are looking for sales representatives who interested in selling our solar thermal collectors and absorber stripes!

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Intersolar 2010

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