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35 years experience in solar heating

SET ( Solar Energie Technik GmbH ) was founded in 1976 in the south German town of Altlußhem, not far from the Hockenheim racetrack. It was one of the first companies in Germany to be engaged on a professional level with the development and manufacture of absorbers and collectors. SET had its roots in metal processing, and to this day the products benefit from that heritage – first class in solid quality and first class in long-term stability.

A quarter of a century of company history has resulted not only in the firm’s own products and services, but also a whole series of innovations in solar heating, most of which nowadays set the standard in manufacture even for our competitors.

Two of the techniques which make us the leader in technology today are the ELDOR Plasma Process, and a special laser welding procedure for the manufacture of absorbers.

The erzgebirge, is now the place of manufacture for absorber strips, absorbers, and collectors, all still in the traditional tried and trusted quality. 

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