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SET Longlife Sonnenkollektor D2-202

Collectors from SET Solar Energie Technik: Easy to maintain, tried and trusted a thousand times over

A collector is subjected for many years to every imaginable effect of the weather. With temperature fluctuations of more than a hundred degrees, storms, rain, and hail, mechanical forces are exerted which few materials can withstand.

It is only by deliberately avoiding screw and rivet connections that our products can achieve the mechanical long-term stability which guarantees consistently high energy production for a long, long time. “The collector is a living thing”, as our specialists say. And to make sure its life is a long one, we have reduced the individual parts of which it is made down to a minimum. The less there is involved, the less there is to go wrong.

Energy efficiency, in other words the high degree of efficiency of our collectors, is something we achieve by the optimum insulation of the housing, the use of highly selectively coated absorbers, and the use of highly transparent glass with low iron content for the cover.

When it comes to the durability and load capacity of collectors, metallurgically-bonded connections, in other words mainly welded connections, have proved to be the most sustainable, both with regard to the absorbers as well as the housings. Controlled venting of the collector, which simply does not allow condensation water to form, is a quality feature which is just as important as the thickness of the glass, which is the decisive factor in the condition of the collector after a hail storm.

You can find out more about the design principles of our collectors under the heading Type, with detailed information and technical data in relation to each particular product series. If you are interested in the use of SET collectors, simply contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

Quality for energy efficiency and long service life

The purpose of collectors is to turn light into heat, and finally into hot water. Quality in this connection means the achievement of the highest possible degree of efficiency. Collectors should last for decades. That’s fine if a collector has a particularly high degree of efficiency, but it’s not so fine if it gives up the ghost after just a few years. The effects of the weather to which collectors are subjected on the roof can sometimes be extreme, and that calls for a product and form of production that are decidedly tough – but intelligent too.

So how are decades of experience manifested in quality? As far as energy efficiency is concerned, in other words the degree of efficiency, this can be expressed briefly as the best possible insulation of the housing, the use of absorbers with highly selective coatings, and the use of highly transparent glass for the cover. That, at least, is the theory. In practice, there are a whole host of details involved in the processing, design, and construction of the collector system as a whole. When it comes to the durability and load capacity of the collector, it is metallurgically-bonded connections, which as a rule means welded, on the absorbers as well as the housings, which have proved the most durable. And controlled venting of the collector, which quite simply does not let condensation water form at all, has proved a better concept than drainage apertures. Another example is the thickness of the glass, which is a decisive factor in the state of the collector after a hail storm.

So how can you identify a high-quality collector? A collector from SET Solar Energie Technik can be identified from the fact that it is not unusual for it to have been on the roof for more than 25 years. And you can spot the quality of our new collectors from the fact that they head up the “best product” lists of the testers again and again (such as the Stiftung Warentest, the Product Test Foundation). You also have an official guarantee that the collector will work free of any defects for a full ten years, and you have our (unofficial) promise that it will work for a whole lot longer than that as well. 

Other products

Principles of the construction of high-performance flat collectors from SET Solar Energie Technik

Variable, two-side connection possibilities with ¾” external thread for screwing to flush-surface sealing.
Suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. Available in sizes/collector surfaces: D..-202 = 2212 x 912 x 116 mm / 2.02 m².

If you are interested in the use of SET collectors, simply contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs!

Sectional representation D2-202

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Design is not an end in itself, but an expression of experience

Does a collector have to look nice?

p>In the pioneering days of private solar energy usage, aesthetics were not really a major consideration. Today, now that solar heating has achieved a high technological standard, a lot of people, and particularly those with good taste, expressed not least in mattes of architecture, are deciding on environmentally-friendly means of supporting the energy supply in their home. The time has come, then, to think hard about the matters of design and architecture.

Why should a collector look nice?

Our commitment when it comes to design means that solar heating should enhance the value of a building in every respect, and that means aesthetic considerations too. That doesn’t mean hiding it, but it doesn’t mean drawing attention to it either. Rather, the self-evident need for responsible use of energy should just as self-evidently harmonize with the architecture. This can only be achieved with a timeless design, a design that does not develop a life of its own on the roof, but at the same time can make that good sensation of durability, reliability, and efficiency something that can be experienced visually as well. Together with the aesthetic features of good design, our achievements in this area of activity, which is still new in the solar heating sector, are already resulting in still more structural and design improvements.