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Absorber und Absorberstreifen

Absorber Manufacture: State of the Art

We produce absorbers in harp-type design, prepared from absorber strips from our own production. These are used in our collectors, and for years have also been further processed by many other collector manufacturers all over the world.

The absorbers of our own manufacture are produced with the most modern welding technologies available. These processes provide metallurgically-bonded connections between the absorber plate and the tube, which in comparison with conventional techniques such as soldering or ultrasonic welding create a substantially better heat transfer and achieve greater long-term stability.

With the ELDOR® plasma welding process we are able to manufacture absorber strips made of copper in lengths of some 800,000 metres. The plasma welding system enables us to produce endless absorber strips, and that also puts us in a position to respond to special requirements with regard to the strip length.

If you are interested in absorbers manufactured especially for your own requirements, simply contact us. We shall be happy to discuss your needs.

Surfaces of sheet and tube linked in positive fit with the ELDOR plasma welding process: Perfect heat transfer guaranteed.

A connection produced with conventional ultra-sonic techniques: Gaps form between the surfaces, and heat transfer is not optimum. 

Other products

Copper absorber strips

We manufacture copper absorber strips with the ELDOR® plasma welding process

Continuous, homogeneous, and metallurgically-bonded connections, welded from the front, between the absorber sheet and the copper tube for optimum heat transfer and long service life. The ELDOR® plasma welding process guarantees a connection which is particularly resistant to load change and high temperature, and can also tolerate extremely high standstill temperatures with no problem at all.

Absorber strip width: 100 / (103) / 120 / 125 mm Absorber strip thickness: 0.2 mm Absorber strip length: 1000 to 6000 mm. Standard tube: Copper tube 8 x 0.5 / 10 x 0.5 mm. Standard coating: ChromeCoat, Sunselect coating protected by an easily removable PE film.

Absorber strip ends

Continuous precision welding process for the production of absorber fins made of copper.


Unprocessed and Punch-out

Absorber -Streifenenden

Punch-out and Tube projection